OGF Shipping LLC

OGF Shipping LLC

SHIPPING LLC is a part of the GSK Group which is headquartered in Djibouti with offices in Ethiopia, Somaliland, India and the UAE.

Logistic support has been a core activity for the GSK Group for the last 15 years and it acts as a one stop shop for all your logistic needs in East Africa

Headquartered in Dubai, OGF SHIPPING LLC was established in 2014. The company is formed purely to cater to the ever increasing demand for freight forwarding and logistics requirement within UAE and to India, & East Africa. OGF Shipping also operates vessels in the Red Sea.

The company today is fully geared and equipped with our own infrastructure and expertise to transport cargoes, be it by Sea, Air or Land to any part of the world.

A constant determination to improve and to have effective and close partnership with the clients is the philosophy of our Company. To realize this objective we have highly motivated, expert and flexible staff, a network of trusted agents and associates around the world.

At OGF SHIPPING LLC we are open to new ideas, prepared to take up new challenges and to set and meet new goals. We believe in showing our customer the necessity of saving his time and his money when he comes to us. We have invested tangibly in technology and are equipped with a state of the art information technology system that improves efficiency and gives the customer value for money.

Mission and Vision
A Clear Mission… for a Global Vision.


Building on our commitment to outstanding customer service quality and the ambition to maintain a comprehensive, fast, and reliable shipping service, GSK strives to achieve its vision of "Linking the East Africa to the World" as a secure and efficient shipping services provider.

Commercial Services:

  • Shipping Line Agency
  • International Freight forwarding – Sea, Air & Land Transportation
  • Multi Modal Transport
  • LCL Consolidation
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Chartering - Air & Sea
  • Break-bulk and RO-RO Services
  • Project Cargo Handling
  • Customs Clearance
  • Packing and Removals
  • Trading Consultancy
  • Consolidation in Berbera, Hargeisa, Berno

Air Freight Forwarding

OGF SHIPPING LLC offers a complete range of Airfreight services for all types of cargo, consolidated or full charter loads to our clients. With our network of agents we can assist our clients with chartering of flights to booking committed space on the aircraft. With the assistance of proactive agents worldwide we can offer airfreight service from any corner of the world. Constant improvement of our service is the corner stone of our pursuit to excellence.


Saving money and time of our valued clients is the key in sea-air transportation. OGF SHIPPING LLC has its strengths in Ocean Freight Imports as well as Sea –Airfreight exports to come up with truly competitive and successful sea-air solutions.

LCL Group Age Service

With the assistance of proactive consolidators in ISC, Far East, Europe and USA, OGF SHIPPING LLC provides dedicated LCL group age service to our clients. We have weekly group age boxes moving from ISC and Far East into Dubai. We also close our own export group age boxes ex Dubai to various destinations worldwide. We have our dedicated warehouse facility in as well as Jebel Ali Free Zone Area. We dyestuff LCL boxes timely and arrange cargo in the quickest possible time. We mainly cover areas like Upper gulf, Red Sea and African Destinations. We have fixed weekly departures from Jebel Ali. We provide fastest transit time to our clients. Door to Door service provided.

Logistics/Supply Chain Management

OGF SHIPPING LLC offers superior logistics management services to our customers.

We are pleased to enlist/offer some of our supply chain management services for your ready reference as follows:

The complete supply chain services from the point of origin to your distributors in the country of destinations.

Optional Air, Sea and Road shipments can be provided for both LCL/FCL cargo to any destinations.

  • Online management information system
  • Comprehensive Global Network
  • Simplified Administration Procedures
  • Suppliers Control for their products
  • State of the art handling
  • Availability of temperature controlled chambers


At OGF, we believe in long-term growth plans that optimize efficiency, security, capacity, quality, and service. No matter what the circumstances, we do our best to satisfy our customers and reach our targets.


Tel.: +9714-2956265 Fax: +9714-2957076
E-mail: ogfshipping@gsk-group.com