The idea of forming a Djibouti owned, and run, group is the brainchild of its founder Ahmed Osman Guelleh and dates back to 2005. In a very short space of time the GSK Group has grown to become one of the major players in the country. The unwavering dedication of the group’s members, to providing superior quality services along with commitment to leadership in all disciplines handled, continues unabated and is stronger than ever.

CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT                                                                     

Our world is complex and can be fraught with unseen obstacles. To navigate successfully around these requires the ability to tackle each new challenge with fresh ideas, applying creativity, experience and expertise.

Rising to challenges like these is precisely what the team does everyday, everywhere in the world. That’s because our passion to find better and smarter ways of doing things is the driving force behind our business.

It takes a lot of passion to transform ideas into effective solutions and even more to turn those into products and services which contribute to your success. It is this passion for solutions that has made us one of the leading companies in the Horn of Africa.

Whether your company is a multinational or a smaller enterprise serving international markets, our customer service team understands your needs and is determined to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Ahmed Osman Guelleh
Managing Director 


People on the move.


To steadily steer the group towards becoming one of the leading entities in the Horn of Africa.

To expand internationally.

To constantly nurture the betterment of the people of Djibouti and other countries we operate in.


The group comprises sixteen different companies each specializing in specific disciplines. These include construction, multimedia, travel, shipping, surveying, shipchandling, logistics, manufacturing, general trading and courier services.